New Year’s Women’s Retreat 2024


January 11 to 14, 2024


New Year’s Women’s Retreat – Get blown away on the edge of the world in Fjaldring, Lemvig.

The North Sea is where you can feel the forces of nature stronger than anywhere else in Denmark. The vast salty sea is right outside our windows, on a farm full of soul, energy and warmth. The endless beach recharges the mind and shows a new path to inspiration.

I’ve been told by some of the locals that you can feel the power of nature more than anywhere else in the country and therefore the theme of this retreat will be “the power of nature”. This retreat brings you a unique opportunity to clear your mind and body so that the language of the soul can be better heard.


Teacher for the tour

Karen Loy

New Year’s Women’s Retreat offers…

  • Hikes to Bovsbjerg Lighthouse along the cliff, the Iron Coast and the Ice Age landscape.
  • Possibility of winter swimming.
  • Preparing simple meals together.

The seasonal vegetables are supplied by Steen, a local enthusiast in biodynamically grown produce; Thorkild supplies fish from Thyborøn, produce comes from the local grocery store in Fjaldring and yes, we’ll also taste some good West Sea cheeses. We are divided into small groups when preparing food, the recipes are simple and seasonal.


Yoga, meditation and breathing techniques to awaken energy and vitality

Every morning we start on the mat and every afternoon we finish on the mat. Yoga classes for all levels with inspiration from Hatha, Yin and Kundalini.

Evening cozy by the fireplace, mapping and singing

You can also bring along other crafty projects such as knitting, drawing utensils or a diary.

Community is an important element of this retreat. The female energy can do something special, and even more so together. Women’s circles guide us back to the feminine potential and healing we all possess. In the female circle and community, we are inspired, listened to and uplifted.

Pause, silence and reflection are also important elements of this retreat. Whatever your circadian rhythm, it’s the pause, rest and silence that recharges, renews and rebuilds your energy stores.

I, Karen Loy, am a trained yoga teacher, holistic coach and therapist. On my retreats, I use the power of the bow, nature and the seasons to create the framework for our spiritual journey and thus a better acceptance of life as unpredictable, unknowable and unpredictable.

I’d be delighted to inspire you.

Retreat participant 2023 wrote – “Karen has with great preparation, made an inspiring and thought-provoking Retreat, which gives and a hint to take life up for consideration, what can we do for the future is filled with drive or satisfaction, where you clearly after Karen’s yoga feel the body feels like whipped cream. Karen you are one of a kind. THANK YOU!”


Price per participant

3,999 kr.

Your spot is secured once you have paid the full amount or split it into 2 installments. See below.

1st installment = 1,999 kr.
2nd installment = DKK 2,000 no later than d. November 1, 2023


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