About me

Hi, my name is Karen Loy

It is not what life has done to you.
It is the life that lives through you and for you.

I absolutely love this quote! My mission is to approach everyday life with a positive outlook, balance between the doing and non-doing, just enjoying life magically with all it has to offer. What life has taught me has become my passion and my profession. I want to be the door for you to find your way inwards, to feel what your heart is longing for right here, right now. I want to inspire you to listen to yourself more, believe in yourself and become a stronger version of yourself.

The journey is not easy. It is challenging but yet also exciting! It requires the tools of belief, intention, awareness and stong will. These tools help you navigate in the difficult times, in times of immense pressure and keep you focused on what is important from day to day. So let’s meet, let’s talk, heart to heart.

I am forever a student in this life,
forever a seeker in this life,
seeking and contemplating peace of mind,
peace of heart, peace of living,
I am forever Karen.

I am certified:

C.H.E.K Holistic Nutrition & Lifestyle Coach
Hatha Yoga Teacher
EFT Therapist
Metabolic Typing Advisor
Independent Forever Living Distributor

I offer

Yoga Training

100 hours+ Basic Hatha Yoga Training
for those who want to dive deeper
into the transformative world of yoga.

1:1 Yoga Coaching

Do you want greater mental, physical,
emotional, spiritual freedom ?
Then you’re looking for the right person and space.

Courses, Events

Take a break, tak time to reflect,
be in the silence, feel your body.
Each one offers its own unique
experience for you.

Yoga Online

Honouring my Canadian roots and Danish lifestyle,
I invite you to yoga lifestyle online
in English.

Yoga Online Sessions

Now you can practice online yoga, in English, with Karen. With over 30 years of experience and dedication to your own practices, you won't find a better facilitator!

I'd love to have you on board!

Karen, Thank you for another wonderful class. The wisdom and intelligence you bring to each class is amazing. This course continues to surprise me with so many different practices and I look forward to every Monday. I also appreciate the flexablity to practice at home on my schedule, it really is very convenient.

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