The 6 Essential Principles of Life


Paul Check has without a doubt been a great mentor to me during his teaching as a Holistic Lifestyle Caoch Level 3.

His wisdom is built on these 6 principles from his book “Eat, Move & Be Healthy”.

Breathing – Water – Nutrition – Sleep/Rest – Movement – Thoughts

His 80/20 rule has been with me ever since ! 80 percent of the time I stay on track and balanced in everything I do. 20 percent of the time I let go. Balance is the key word to remember and practice.


The air we breathe in is our first form of nutrition, directly to the body’s cells, fluids and tissues. I teach breathwork inspired by yoga, and many years of practice with mentors with many backgrounds. Here you will learn about the importance of fresh clean air and rebalancing with techniques to boost your energy.


The next food for the body is the copious amounts of liquid/water we drink. The body is more dehydrated than hungry and hydration is extremely important when it comes to absorbing, breaking down and excreting waste products. Here you will learn about the properties of water.


The food we eat has a direct impact on our energy and wellbeing. You are what you eat. There is no one-size-fits-all diet. It’s all about finding a good balance of nutrients from non-processed food, without too much sugar, additives and stimulants. It’s about seasonal, sustainable, biodynamic and organic nourishment as close to nature as possible.


Your body was born to move. Without movement, we lose mobility. It’s as simple as that. It’s important to find movement that nourishes and doesn’t wear down the body, nor does the right kind of movement require a gym membership. Here I will teach you which movements can help you regain a good balance of strenght and flexibility and renewed energy.


We need sleep and rest. We need breaks. To balance the body’s energy, we need to have an equal equasion between activity and rest. Pausing, reflecting and resting can do a lot more for your health than you might realize.


The way we talk about the world becomes the way we see the world and encounter the world. The speech we feed our body and soul with becomes the radiance people see and encounter. We need to learn to see opportunities, we need to think positively and we need to learn how to navigate when things don’t go as planned. Don’t try to solve problems, try changing your thoughts. It’s challenging and hard at times, but the result for you is an easier everyday life.

Imbalances in the 6 essential principles are called lifestyle diseases, how about first of all, we take a look at the lifestyle ?

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