1:1 Yoga Coaching

“Knowing yourself is the beginning and all wisdom” – Aristotle

Are you good at making time for yourself?

Maybe NOW was a good time to invest in YOU!

Move Focus

– is a holistic coaching program for you, for you. It can be online or it can be in person. It can be at your home, at my own premises or via ZOOM. I want to show you how simple tools and routines can make a difference. Book a non-binding conversation with me here.

A personal program with me is for you if you want to meet in a loving relationship and improve your quality of life.

With over 30 years of life experience in health, wellness and personal growth, I am comfortable in what I say, do and communicate. What life has taught me has become my passion, my profession. I want to be the door for you to find the way inward to what your heart is passionate about, here and now.

Shift Focus is for those who…
Want to learn how to meditate
Will learn yoga and energy exercises as a tool for self-awareness
Want to learn how to shift focus and create calm
Want to learn more about energy and how it affects your health

1:1 Yoga Coaching online or in-person sessions are a package of 12 sessions, equivalent to 3 months.


Personalized Course

Move Focus - 1:1

Every individual is unique. Each person is on their own journey. Therefore, there is no single direction and specific need for everyone. A session with me is personal, attentive and I see each person as a whole, holistic and loving. Holism, to me, is the doctrine of wholeness – i.e. the interconnectedness of spirit (soul) and matter (energy) and its living organism (body). A holistic view of humanity for me focuses on the “whole person”, i.e. the spiritual, mental, emotional, physical needs. You are not just a physical body, you are energy, you are consciousness, you are spirit. Without looking at it all, you can feel lost and doubtful, affecting your health and vitality. Is there anything here you recognize?



Course 12 x – 12,000 kr.

“I reached out to Karen and she helped me get started on my spiritual journey. I love the new version of myself!”

Yoga Online Sessions

Now you can practice online yoga, in English, with Karen. With over 30 years of experience and dedication to your own practices, you won't find a better facilitator!

I'd love to have you on board!

Karen, Thank you for another wonderful class. The wisdom and intelligence you bring to each class is amazing. This course continues to surprise me with so many different practices and I look forward to every Monday. I also appreciate the flexablity to practice at home on my schedule, it really is very convenient.

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