Yoga trip to Crete in English


May 25th – June 1st, 2024


A retreat with focus on body intelligence, breath work and silence

Slow living is the key.

Her is your chance to get away to the historical Island of Crete, away from the tourists, and to a little town called Armeni 35 km from Chania. This charming town of friendly and helpful people has 2 restaurants, 2 cafés, a butcher, a supermarket, and a beautiful church in the middle of it all.

During the day you have the opportunity to enjoy short or longer hikes anywhere from 3-12 km where you can visit other small villages or just enjoy the Cretan nature.

Teachers on the trip

Karen Loy
Lotte Maggie

The view from Villa Maragoudi

Each day there will be approx 5 hours of breath work both and simple movements. A number of these will be repeated so that you can easily implement them when you return home.

In the middle of the week there will be a silent hike through the beautiful town of Sougia to the ancient site of Lissos which is the most second most important site. We have a private bus that will transport us.

The energy and healing through the 4 elements of fire, air, water and earth in this area must be experienced.

During the hike we will give short periods of meditation and breathwork to enhance your experience.

Once we reach the sea there will be a break for you to eat your lunch, bathe, relax and enjoy the scenery. There will be a boat ride back to the city of Sougia where we will enjoy a cold drink before our return back.


Here is the sea at Sougia

The Dates:
May 25th – June 1st, 2024

Where can I stay:
There is Wi-Fi in Villa Maragoudi


Villa Maragoudi

This is the largest villa and our main headquarters (2100 square feet).

There is a beautiful view of the mountains and a large orchard of lemon, orange, grapefruit, artichokes, nectarine, and avocado to please your palates with.

The villa has two apartments, one on the main floor and one on the first floor.

Each apartment has one bedroom with 2 single beds and one bedroom with a double bed. There are closets in each room, one large bathroom with shower and bath, hair dryer, washing machine, and a fully equipped kitchen; coffee machine, dishwasher, fridge, oven, etc.

When you arrive you are given 2 small towels and 1 bath towel. On Wednesday the towels are replaced for new ones and the house is cleaned.

There is an outdoor pool with saltwater and a number of nooks and crannies to enjoy.


The garden is full of orange, lemon and avocado trees which you can pick as you desire.

If you require more information regarding payments you can write to Lotte via


When you register please send an email with all of your contact information, the dates of the retreat, where and with whom you are sharing a room with, and how you wish to pay. The payment is binding and there is no refund.

You are responsible for your own traveling insurance, flights and transportation.

Retreat package includes:

– 25 hours of breathwork and body intelligence training. There will be a couple of programs sent to you by mail after the retreat.

– these programs are yours to practice.

– 6 breakfasts, 2 evening meals Sunday and Friday at a local restaurant, and a juice beverage during our hike to Lissos, homemade lunch and water for our trip to Sougia-Lissos

– Boat trip from Lissos to Sougia

– Private bus from Armeni to Sougia and back
– 2 small towels and 1 bath towel

Retreat package does not include:

– meals on the day of arrival

– Flights and transportation to and from the airport (we can maybe support you with contact information for cabs or car rentals)

– Dinners on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday (you can buy your own food in town and prepare it in the kitchen or go out for dinner for a small price)

– All lunches (we recommend that you visit the orchards at Villa Maragoudi and enjoy all the fresh food here)

– Bring a yoga mat, light blanket and water bottle which will be used at each training session

– Breakfast on the day of departure

Weekly program:

Arrival at 3:30 pm on Saturday.

It is not possible to check in before.

There will be a short welcome at 4:15 pm at Villa Maragoudi


Morning session from 6:30-9.00 am

These sessions will either be by the pool at Villa Maragoudi or on the terrace.

Afternoon session from 3.30-6.00 pm


The time in between our training sessions is up to you. We recommend the slow living key, relaxing, bathing, reading or mindful walking.

Departure will be at the latest 10 am on the following Saturday.


The food:

The food of the season, from plant to farmer to plate is something we would like to inspire you with. When you are eating the meals provided by us we will be using local farmers, local stores, local restaurants and seasonal choices.


Breakfast will contain meat and eggs, cheese, bread, yogurt, oats, vegetables, hummus, coffee, tea, and freshly made juice. If you have allergies or require special foods, you are asked to supply these yourself.

Remember when you are on Crete the bread is made differently, the meats are from goat, lamb or pig. It is very difficult to find cow milk so we do not provide it.


Who are your teachers:


Karen Loy Aronson

Yoga teacher – Holistic Lifestyle Coach – EFT therapist

Karen has over 45 years of experience and wisdom in the area of movement and lifestyle. Karen’s passion is the body’s intelligence and therefore it is easy for Karen to code your body’s language and guide you to a higher level of health and awareness. Karen teaches over 100 people a month. Her company contacts in Denmark are Novo Nordic, Dansk FirmaIdræt, the city of Slagelse. She is a yoga studio owner in Denmark, Yoga Tribe-Slagelse.


Contact us:


Lotte Maggie Mogensen

A former soldier and optician

After 5 minutes of breath work with a professional Lotte knew this was her calling and her journey. She has been practicing and teaching ever since and is now considered one of the leading experts in breath work. Lotte teaches over 200 people a month and is the author of the book “Træk Vejret på Naturlig Vis – en lærebog i vejrtrækning” in Danish soon to be out in English. Company contacts include Fysio360, Næstved City and Kalundborg City.


Contact us:


We are more than excited to inspire and guide you through this transforming retreat.

Lovingly, Karen and Lotte


Price per participant

Single Room


Price per participant

Single bed in a double bedroom


Limited slots are available. There is room for 4-6 people here.

A deposit of 540 Euro is required for your confirmation. The last two payments will be paid in the months of February 2024 and April 2024. Once you have paid your deposit an invoice will be sent to you regarding the final payments.

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