Move Focus Yoga Coaching Course 12x

$1 680.00

SHIFT FOCUS – a personalized yoga coaching program by 12x m yoga teacher Karen Loy

Every individual is unique. Each person on their journey. That’s why there is no single direction and a specific need for everyone. A process with me is personal, attentive and requires mutual collaboration.

A personalized program is for you who want to meet in a loving relationship and increase your quality of life and find peace in being who you are, through yoga, meditation and energy exercises.

With over 30 years of life experience in holistic health, wellness and personal growth, I am comfortable in what I say, do and communicate. What life has taught me has become my passion, my profession. I want to be the doorway for you to find your way inwards, to what your heart is passionate about and to be more in the moment.

yoga coaching program
with me is a personal journey where you learn to trust yourself, your choices and your desires.

The inspiration I bring to you is intuitive and based on the 6 essential principles developed by Paul Chek, my mentor...
Breathing - Water - Nourishment - Sleep/rest - Loving Thoughts - Movement. Without them, we can't think clearly, feel our intuition or keep faith in what we really want to happen.
Together, we'll come up with an action plan and routines so you can once again feel the difference simple changes make. I use tools such as yoga - meditation - breathing techniques - EFT - and nature.

Everything we need to work together on has a starting point in the simple life, the rich life, the real life.

You can read more about me here...
I look forward to inspiring you.